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Colin Hatch, songwriter and producer, hails from the well-tuned city of Chicago.  Playing the double bass was his bread and butter throughout secondary school, and it was his adeptness with this instrument that earned him a place at Brigham Young University’s School of Music. At BYU, Colin fell in love with songwriting at the same time that he caught the producing bug, prompting a major change from the classical program to Media Music. This course of study stretched his skill set to fit the polyvalence of his multigenred mind, challenging him to craft Michael Jackson-style dancepop beats and coordinate bluegrass threads in addition to his own burgeoning alternative rock voice. It was here that he learned to cowrite and cooperate, and it wouldn’t be long before his several and sundry performing groups would gain enthusiastic followings. The standout progress, however, was certainly made in the area of his own increasingly personal songsmithing, the quality of which was soon recognized by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, who in 2011 granted him second place and a cherried-out replica of the most imaginative Beatle’s Epiphone Casino guitar.  While still attending school, Colin also owns and manages Muse Music Cafe, a local record store, studio, and venue recently nominated as one of Utah's top 25 student owned businesses.  As lead studio engineer he applies his flexible sensibilities to demos and albums for individuals and groups from the increasingly viable Provo music scene.

Check out Colin's song that won him 2nd place in the John Lennon Songwriting competition!
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Jaxon Williams, a recent Cum Laude BYU Music Graduate in guitar performance, has been playing and teaching music for over 10 years.  While attending BYU on a full tuition scholarship, he was asked to teach private guitar lessons as an adjunct instructor because of his skills as a teacher.  Specializing in guitar, he has a unique ability to help students both hone their technique with his classical training and perfect their style with his proficiency in rock, blues, jazz, and other styles.

Originally from Ashland, Oregon,  Jaxon has been playing the guitar for 17 years, in which he has had many opportunities to perform and even compete.  As a classical performer, he has played concerts in Oregon, California, Utah, Mexico, Spain, and the Czech Republic.  He has won various prizes, including first place in the Oregon State guitar competition for high school students, both in 2005 and 2006.  He has also participated in Guitar Center's National King of the Blues Competition, making it to the regional finals.  An experienced ensemble player and band member, Jaxon has won various Battle of the Bands competitions and recently placed 2nd in BYU's battle of the Bands.  Having played in countless musical groups, Jaxon has branched his musical abilities out to other instruments, including bass and drums.  Jaxon is also an experienced recording artist.  He has been contracted as a studio musician at recording studios and has more than 100 recordings to his name.  He has also participated in numerous other recording projects, ranging from youtube videos to movie scores.

Check out some of Jaxon's playing:
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