"Do students need their own instruments?"
-Yes, while Muse Music Cafe will provide amplifiers, cords, and everything else, the one thing students will need to have is their own instrument.  The only exception is for drummers; a set will be provided by Muse.

"What if I want to do the camp but don't yet have an instrument?"
- The purpose of the camp is to help young musicians prepare for a lifetime of making music, which requires practice and your own instrument, both during and after the camp.  There may be an opportunity for students to rent instruments for an extra fee if they plan on soon getting an instrument.  Please email or call us if you are interested in the camp but don't yet have an instrument and wish to rent one for the time being.

"Can I invite friends/family to the end of the week show?"
-Yes!  Invite as many people as you wish!  Packing the venue is always a great feeling for performers.  Space is limited, however, and seating/standing room will be provided on a first come/first served basis.

"If I fill out an application and pay the fee, is there a chance I WONT make it into the camp?"
-All those who fill out an application and pay the camp fee are guaranteed a place in the camp.  The purpose of the application is to let the instructors know how best to prepare for each individual student's preferred style and place them in an appropriate band.  The application will also help instructors design this year's curriculum.

"Why is there a deadline and late fee to submit the application?"
-The purpose of the application is for instructors to get to know the students BEFORE the camp begins and design the camp to better suit their needs. To do this, instructors need at least 1 week to form the bands according to each student's style preferences and design lessons that will best fit the needs of all the students.  To avoid receiving many applications immediately before the camp starts, we have attached a deadline and late fee.  Students are still allowed to sign up late, but are encouraged to apply on time to get the best overall experience.

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